External description KOUMAROS VILLAS

The "KOUMAROS VILLAS" complex consists of independent - autonomous villas, in a surface area from 500 to 1,200 square meters.

Their common feature lies in the unlimited - magical view to the sea which is independent to any spot you are standing, both inside or outside of the villas. The residences are comprised of three levels (ground floor, -1 st floor, -2 nd floor) with large verandas, that offer a unique view to the sea, the sunset and the blue color of the sky and the sea with an orientation to the southwest towards the Aegean Sea.

Aside from the verandas, all the villas have their own garden with a barbeque, sitting places, sundecks, shaded spots, external lighting, dinner tables etc..

In the common and exclusive use of residences and at a safe distance in order to avoid any disturbance, this complex accommodates with:

  1. a small swimming pool of 18m²
  2. a barbeque
  3. a pavilion- sitting place
  4. an underfloor chessboard
  5. a playground
  6. places suitable for sunbathing and enjoying the scenery with sun beds and umbrellas
  7. sports bodies
  8. desktop ping pong
  9. a garden with lawn and lighting, and
  10. a path that provides access to the sea at a distance of 180m. from the top of the hill

The use of internet wi-fi is free of charge and it is provided in all the sites of the villas, both inside and outside of the residences.

The complex has a small reception desk to accommodate any requests during your stay, after a previously arranged appointment.

Koumaros Villas is a quiet complex and is not suitable for special events, parties or other noisy activities. The area is supervised for this purpose.

The place is externally supervised with the use of cameras for security reasons, which operate only when it is not occupied by our guests. The cameras remain strictly turned off when the residencies have guests.

The area is an enclosed complex and has a main entrance and a small one. The doors remain closed and our guests have their own keys for entrance and exit from it, in order to provide discretion and security during their stay.

"KOUMAROS VILLAS" was designed by its owners on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. To provide a magical sea view for peace of mind, relaxation and tranquility
  2. To provide quality equipment to the residences for a comfortable and enjoyable stay
  3. To provide, thanks to its location, peacefulness, serenity, a true rest and a rich natural environment
  4. To provide privacy, discretion, simplicity and self-sufficiency to our guests
  5. To offer moments of joy, entertainment and fun in areas that do not cause any disturbance

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